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Fighting Steel : installation on modern OS and realism guide

Topic posted the 2018-07-09 in the category Jeux

Topic updated: 2022-08-15

A complete tutorial how to run Fighting Steel on a modern OS, with a realism guide.

As I explainded in this topic a couple of years ago, it is very difficult to run the naval warfare simulation Fighting Steel on modern OS. However, with this tutorial and the help of a few tool, you should be able to play at this awesome simulation. On top of that, it also guide you to set-up your game to make it the most realistic it can. If you have any question or need help, you can still contact me at e.courtial30 at gmail (dot com).

1) Installation

Note: sometimes I refer to the game with the acronym FS.

You need a computer with Windows 7, 8.x or 10, with a 3D card supporting DirectX 10. Then follow the below steps:

Note that there are also some parameters in this file that you can "play" with to make the game to run. For example on one of my laptop I add to set the "AGP" parameter to 0, while I let it to 1 on my desktop computer. Another parameter is to set the game in to windowed mode instead of full screen mode. Try it if it doesn't work.

Last but very important step: download the last version of dgVoodoo2 here. The file you need is D3DRM. Unzip everything in your Fighting Steel folder.

Launch Fighting Steel in administrator mode: the game should work now.

Reminder: FS has the bad trend to unexpectedly crash to desktop, randomly. So remember to activate the autosave, and on top of that, to manually save your game after each "critical move" with your fleet.

2) A little bit of realism

You have probably noticed that I make you enable the "GunneryLog" and "FatigueGunnery" parameters. It is obvisouly for realism purpose. So let's continue! Launch the game, and before starting any new game, set your options as the following:
Just once: in preferences when launching a scenario:
As you noticed it, we disabled the auto camera. It is very important, otherwise the game will track events and ships and give you information you couln'd get in real life scenario. You are stuck to each ships of you fleet. Nothing much. Realism wins!
Tip: if you need to pilot other ships from you fleet, use the strategic map (2D view).

3) Even more realism and immersion: use the Thunder At Sea scenario simulator

Thunder At Sea (TAS) is a little diamond realease by NWS and that you can buy here for 20$ (US) (note, a demo version is available to try it). It is a campaing and scenario simulator using a real world map that must be used with Fighting Steel. it allows you to drive you task force in the world, refuel in harbord, create divisions, shell ennemy ports and try to catch ennemy ships. It comes with many real scenarios (like the hunt for Bismarck one) but also allows you to create one.
If you use Thunder At Sea, do not forget to
A screenshot of a map in Thunder At Sea. The picture show the Mediterannean Theater but all the world is navigable.
Thunder At Sea for Fighting Steel



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